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K'TORES SPICE CO Gourmet Zaatar Spice Blend - 4OZ Kosher Zatar Hyssop Seasoning Mix - For Chicken, Meat, Beef, and More - Middle Eastern Spices

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Zaatar spice mix is often enjoyed as a condiment. Dip bread in your favorite olive oil, and then dip into a bowl of Zaatar for an easy appetizer with zing. Whip into butter, ricotta, or sour cream for tangy spread and dips. If you plan to make your own French fries or potato chips, sprinkle them with Zaatar once they finish cooking for a fragrant snack. Use Zahtar spice with grilled, roasted, or stewed potatoes, vegetables, fish, chicken or lamb. Create a sandwich spread by mixing za atar seasoning with mayo, cream cheese or olive oil. Add to a marinade, salad dressing, yogurt, or hummus for extra flavor.
  • MIDDLE EASTERN ZAATAR - K'Tores Spice Co brings you a taste of the middle east with its fresh za atar seasoning blend. Premium blend of thyme, marjoram, sesame, and sumac adds a great middle eastern kick to all your foods.
  • MULTIPURPOSE - The K'Tores Spice Co zaatar spice mix has a multitude of applications. Many use it mixed with olive oil and spread on a bread, or pita. Also works great as a salad blend, chicken or beef seasoning. Spread it on your roast, or pork, or mixs it with your favorite hummus.
  • FRESH BLEND - Here at K'Tores Spice Co we aim to bring you always only fresh herbs and blends. Our blend is a zesty sour nutty spice blend, owing a lot of that flavor to sumac and toasted sesame. Oregano and thyme adds an herbal salty-sour mix with earthiness from the sesame.
  • IRANIAN - MIDDLE EASTERN - ISRAELI - NORTH AFRICAN - TURKISH - Claimed by many cuisines, the K'Tores Spice Co zahtar spice is a must have blend for your cabinet to aid in many a recipe used by all style foods.
  • BLENDED WITH CARE - Here at K'Tores Spice Co we take great care to farm, blend, and pack all our seasonings, blends, and spices with the utmost care and concern. Certified Kosher (KSA), Gluten Free, and NON GMO. K'Tores Spice Co always stands behind all our products.